Amazing Adventure


For this assignment, you will demonstrate your skills and understanding of using multidimensional, associative arrays, conditional statements, and retrieving variables from the URL to create an interactive maze.

Project Setup

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub and use the provided files to complete the assignment.
  2. Review the provided maze (maze.pdf)
    1. The maze contains 9 rooms
    2. The arrows indicate entrances and exits into each room. Entering one room does not guarantee that you can return the way you came.
  3. Review the $rooms multi-dimensional, associative array
    1. Each room is represented as an array
    2. Each room includes a description and a list of available actions


The following requirements must be met to complete the assignment successfully:

  1. Each room's description will be displayed inside <div class="response"></div>
  2. Each action will displayed inside <div class="actions"></div> as link to another room
    1. Use URL variables to pass the room key
    2. Use the $_GET variable to retrieve the room from the maze array
    3. Display the new room's description and actions


Below you will find a completed version of the assignment:



This video was originally recorded, in class, on January 20, 2020.